Illness proceedures

Responding to an IllnessResponding to an Illness

Responding to an Illness

  • If a student or staff member develops symptoms while at the school, they will be asked to wear a mask and be isolated in a separate room.  Parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child immediately.  Please ensure the school has an emergency contact listed for your child, in the event you are unable to pick up your child within one hour.
  • Staff supervising symptomatic students will provide the students with a face mask, maintain physical distancing to the greatest extent possible, use strict hand washing techniques, and wear gloves, mask, and face shield while attending to the student.  Staff may also use a touch less electronic thermometer to take the temperature of the student.
  • All items the symptomatic student or staff member touched/used while isolated will be cleaned and disinfected when the child or staff member leaves the isolation room.
  • The symptomatic person will be directed to to stay home, seek health care advice as appropriate (e.g. call Health link 811, or their primary care practitioner) and access the AHS COVID Online Self-Assessment Tool to determine if Covid testing is recommended.  Direction on self-isolation is provided by AHS.
  • If the symptomatic individual is tested for Covid and the result is negative, AHS will provide further direction on whether or not the individual must self-isolate.  In the case of a negative result, it is possible that the individual may be directed to stay home until symptoms resolve. Again, direction will be provided by AHS.
  • Contacts of someone who IS NOT a case of COVID-19 are not required to isolate or quarantine.