Chalice Fundraiser - Please Help Us Support Chisala in Zambia

Since 2012, our school has been sponsoring a student named Chisala in Zambia through Chalice, a Catholic development organization.  The first year we did an art fair to raise the necessary funds for yearly sponsorship, and over the past few years we have held mustache days.  This year, we are going to partner with Farm to School Program as our fundraising initiative.

There are two options for veggies:

$12 Bundle A includes:  2 lbs carrots, 5 lbs red potatoes, 2 lbs yellow cooking onions

$22 Bundle B includes:   3 lbs carrots, 10lbs red potatoes, 3 lbs yellow cooking onions, 1 lb parsnips, 1 head green cabbage.

Not only is this a healthy food option for families, it is an incredible fundraiser! 50% of the money raised returns to our school to support Chisala.

We encourage families to consider ordering a bundle or more to help support Chisala, If your child would like to approach close friends, eighbours or other family members to add to the order, that would be appreciated as well.  You can also order a bundle to offer as a donation to our local food bank or to Monday night Food For Friends Dinners at Saint Michael’s Anglican Church. Money can either be cash or cheques made out to OLS.

The deadline for ordering is Tuesday October 23.  Veggies will be delivered to the school on November 6th.