Sacrament of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist

Dear Parents:

I am writing to you as pastor of Our Lady of the Rockies to share good news for your child and family. As your child is currently in Grade 2 he/she is a potential candidate for the reception of the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist next school year.  With the support and engagement of you as parents, the parish and the Catholic school community, I look forward to assisting your family as your child prepares to joyfully receive the gifts of these Sacraments.

His Excellency, Most Reverend William T. McGrattan, Bishop of Calgary, is bringing the parishes of the Diocese together to offer a Sacrament Preparation Program that is consistent in form and content. This initiative is designed to assist the home, school and parish in nurturing the faith of your child as you prepare them for receiving the sacraments.

The Catholic parishes in the Diocese work closely with the school communities.  The Catholic schools provide Religious and Family Life Education for your child and the parishes provide the immediate Sacrament Preparation Program for your child.  The Program will be offered at the parishes.

There will be a Parent Information Session to further explain the Sacrament Preparation Program and how you can continue to support your child’s faith development. The Parent Information Session will be held on Thursday, September 20th, 2018 at 7 PM.

Additionally, there are four (4) sessions and a retreat to prepare for First Reconciliation as well as four (5) sessions and a retreat for to prepare for First Eucharist.  There will be sessions for children along with concurrent sessions for parents at the same time. The sessions run for 90 minutes. These dates can be found in the following chart to support your family’s schedule planning.

First Reconciliation

First Communion

Thursday, October 4th: 6-7 PM

Thursday, February 7th: 6-7 PM

Thursday, November 1st: 6-7 PM

Thursday, March 7th: 6-7 PM

Thursday, December 6th: 6-7 PM

Thursday, April 4th: 6-7 PM

Thursday, January 10th: 6-7 PM

Thursday, May 2nd: 6-7 PM

Sunday, January 13th: 1-3 PM (Retreat)

Thursday, June 6th: 6-7 PM


Saturday, June 22nd: 1-3 PM (Retreat)

There is a fee of $25 for each Sacrament Preparation Program totaling $50 to help offset the cost of the materials.  Your child will receive two books, Celebrate and Remember Reconciliation and Celebrate and Remember Eucharist.

Please address cheque to Our Lady of the Rockies Parish and submit to Ms. Lindsay Fagan

As Pastor, I am responsible in collaborating with the Bishop in following Canon Law and Diocesan Policies to ensure that all the requirements are completed in preparation for the celebration of these sacraments for your child.   If your child has not been baptized yet, please feel welcome to contact us at your earliest convenience.

The parish community is looking forward to supporting your child in prayer as they prepare to receive the sacraments and celebrating this time of God’s grace with your child and your family.

I take this opportunity to assure you of my prayers and a very warm welcome to Our Lady of the Rockies Parish.

Yours in Christ,

Rev. Nathan Siray