Student-Like Behaviours Recorded for Junior and Senior Students

Throughout the year, junior/senior high teachers will be tracking student-like behaviours using an anecdotal comment rubric.  This anecdotal rubric will express learning skills progress to parents and convey areas that are strengths, as well as areas that require increased focus.  These student-like behaviours are the foundation of academic success.  Daily work, one on one conferences with teachers, and student response logs are just a few methods of formative assessment that contribute to overall student achievement.    

Formative assessment procedures are designed to help students to practice and improve their learning through guided repetition.  Formative assessment allows teachers to make qualitative assessments of student work that can help to guide a teacher’s lessons as well as their assessment practices.  This form of assessment allows teachers to give feedback to students, so they can work on their areas of weakness and better assist them in preparing for summative assessments like tests and exams.  Our junior and senior high teachers will be using a Learning Skills Assessment Rubric in order to report on student-like behaviours that positively impact student’s academic success.  This rubric can be accessed off the Our Lady of the Snows school website.  The rubric is divided into 4 categories: Excellent (4/4), Good (3/4), Satisfactory (2/4), and Needs Improvement (1/4).  Teachers will choose two of the following categories to report on: Responsibility, Organization, Independent Work, Collaboration, Initiative and Self-Regulation.  These student-like behaviours will be reported to parents twice a semester, as teachers update their comments in PowerSchool.  

To access the Learning Skills Assessment click on the following LINK.